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47 Hoogstraat
Ghent, 9000

Design studio based in Ghent, Belgium, producing handmade and unique interior textile products.



allow us to give you some information about a kan/o product.

studio kan/o is a young design studio based in Ghent, Belgium, founded in 2015 by Valérie hellebaut and Stien Bekaert.

inspired by marbling, every product has undergone a long process of research, pre-treats and post-care. it has been dyed & painted fully by hand using a mix of precise techniques and playfulness. 

the design philosophy behind kan/o adheres to a love for natural elements and textures, organic patterns and a pure ethereal look.

driven by a search for authentic and original printing techniques and encouraged by a combined experience, kan/o prints are created by dropping paint in a very meticulous manner on a custom bath of plant extracts, subsequently covering this bath with a carefully chosen fabric of 100% cotton, which absorbs each different configuration of paint in such a way that each drawing is different and that some imperfections can occur, makes every kan/o product totally original and one of a kind. 

we produce only small collections made with great attention in high quality handicraft.

thanks for supporting a young brand from Belgium.


Gael Maison / Feeling Wonen

Gael Maison april 2016

Feeling Wonen april 2016

 Gael Maison 2016 / Feeling Wonen 2016

Gael Maison 2016 / Feeling Wonen 2016

 Feeling Wonen 2016 - Sign of the Times

Feeling Wonen 2016 - Sign of the Times

Actief Wonen 2016

 Le Vif 2015

Le Vif 2015

Absoluut Magazine AW 2015

Goesting 2016

Absoluut Magazine AW 2015

Feeling Wonen 2016